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Michael Giles - "Progress" [1978] @ 192 (Drummer from G,G,& F and King Crimson)

The second half was included on a text file that came along with the album when I found it on a p2p program, and alas, not being able to find a decent review, I have chosen to use that as a description of the album.

Michael Giles had his first professional gig in 1964 with Trendsetters, Ltd., later moving on with his brother Peter Giles to become Robert Fripp's partner in obscurity as a member of Giles, Giles and Fripp in 1967. This of course led to the first incarnation of the mighty King Crimson, but almost as soon as the band was underway it was falling apart, with Giles and Crimson multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald turning in their notice and recording the much less aggressive McDonald and Giles in 1970.

In the 1970s Giles worked as a session player for artists ranging from Steve Winwood and Kevin Ayers to Leo Sayer and Neil Sedaka. His own musical output in subsequent years has been almost nonexistent, the few exceptions being the soundtrack piece Ghost Dance (a collaboration with Jamie Muir and David Cunningham, recorded in 1983 but not released intil 1996), and his only solo album Progress (recorded in 1978 but not released until 2002). In 2002 Giles joined with McDonald and his brother Peter, as well as former Crimson wind player Mel Collins, to form 21st Century Schizoid Band, a band primarily focused on rehashing songs from the early stages of King Crimson; he was replaced in 2003 by fellow KC ex-drummer Ian Wallace.

Progress was recorded in 1978 and is a previously unreleased album written and performed by Michael Giles aided by an amazing collection of classic progressive rock & jazz 'names' including Geoffrey Richardson (Penguin Café Orchestra, Caravan), Jimmy Hastings (Caravan) and John G. Perry (Caravan, Quantum Jump), Dave McRae (Matching Mole), Peter Giles (King Crimson/Giles, Giles and Fripp) and Ray Warleigh.

Following his days with the original King Crimson and the release of his LP with Ian McDonald, drummer Michael Giles focused on studio work. After building his own recording facility, he began work on 'Progress', completed it around 1978, mixed it and then put it on a shelf, waiting for the right moment to put it out as prog rock was experiencing an abrupt decline in popular favour. It came out only in 2002 and thus will appeal mostly to nostalgic fans.

A loosely conceptual album built around a trip by train, 'Progress' is a very nice album of prog-rock with hints of jazz fusion and Canterbury-style writing. Michael Giles is not a great singer. His voice recalls Chris Squire's on the latter's solo LP 'Fish Out of Water', i.e. it lacks strength and character to assume a leading role. Then again, only five of the 12 tracks have lyrics. The other tunes range from delicate atmospheres to full-on prog-rock anthems and feature established UK musicians like Geoffrey Richardson, John Perry and Jimmy Hastings, plus brother and also ex-Crimson Peter Giles. Highlights include 'Departure' where the drummer reminds us that he has the finesse of a free improviser, the quiet 'Midsummer Day', 'Progress' and the jazzier 'Arrival'. Most of all, 'Progress' shows how good a session player and studio arranger Giles could be. It will be of more interest to fans of Cunning Stunts-era Caravan and Hatfield & the North although the music adopts a friendlier mood reminiscent of Anthony Phillips' pop albums from the same period than to King Crimson completists.

Highly Recommended for King Crimson aficionados.


1. Sunrise
2. Departure
3. Rolling
4. Daydream
5. Moving
6. Midsummer Day
7. Progress
8. Sunset
9. Shunter
10. Rocking
11. Nightdream
12. Arrival

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Progress FLAC: PASS: kipp-kopp
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