Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Joe Farrell - Super Session 1970 @320 (Jazz)

I'll again start by listing the personnel:

Joe Farrell - saxes
John McLaughlin - guitar
Chick Corea - piano
Dave Holland - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums

This is not an all out blowing session by a bunch of greats, just great modern jazz at its best. Also note that most of the the tracks feature combinations of the musicians, rather than the full band.

If you thought the the leader, Farrell, is the weak link in this star band, then you'd be wrong. He is, however, the only member of the band who was not at some stage in one of Miles Davis's electric bands. Just listen to his playing on the first two Return To Forever albums. He would be better known if it had not been for the fact that he died at the age of 49 in 1986.

This is an odd CTI release in many ways, it does not have any of Creed Taylor's CTI overproduction nor the addition of brass or strings, just unadorned tracks brilliantly performed, thankfully!

The sample track says it all.

Follow Your Heart

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micaus said...

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Anonymous said...

this lineup is crazy!

been looking for this one for a while. wtf arent these arseholes commenting on the great sounds youve been providing?

thanks for the hot lank!

141743rd said...

a dynamite album! originally under Joe Farrell's name only (not co-led with McLaughlin), with one of those shiny CTI fold-open covers, and titled Circle in the Square. farrell gigged and recorded with elvin jones for a long time, as well as being an in-demand session player. Anyway, Follow Your Heart is a McLaughlin tune which I think originally appeared on his Extrapolations record with a different title. He and Farrell take their solos "outside" over that cool 9/8 groove. This was also around the period that Corea and Holland were playing in the style of their other band "Circle", and it shows. As someone mentioned, this was before creed taylor "refined" (burp) his other productions with that sacharine crap. However, it does have that neat CTI recording quality -- deep reverb, if that's your thing -- which I thinks works on this album.

micaus said...

What csn I say but thanks for the informed comments

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Joe Farrell - Super Session (1970)
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