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Kaipa - "Inget Nytt Under Solen" [1976] @ 320 (Swedish Symphonic Prog)

The second album by the band best known for being guitarist Roine Stolt's first professional band. This was originally released in 1976 by Decca, and this fine Musea reissue features six bonus tracks. "Kaipa were Sweden's best known symphonic rock band. They formed in Uppsala in 1973. Originally a keyboard-fronted trio, Kaipa added the young guitar player Roine Stolt in 1974. Kaipa showcased a technically very competent group fronted by Hans Lundin's impressive range of keyboards, often favoring lush string ensembles, organ and electric piano. Inget Nytt Under Solen was a more complex & pompous album including possibly their finest moment 'Skenet Bedrar' - a large scale suite lasting for 22 minutes...their style was now closer to what Genesis, Camel, Greenslade and Yes had done in recent years..." (Scented Gardens of the Mind: A Comprehensive Guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock)

On Inget Nytt Under Solen the band refined their influences and bought or hired in some new gear, including a Mellotron M400. They go straight for the jugular with their only side-long piece, the multi-part Skenet Bedrar ('It's Not What it Seems'), which works well, doing all the usual prog things, which I suppose makes them the most successful purveyors of 'mainstream' symphonic prog from Sweden at the time (they were actually on Swedish Decca). Plenty of other good material, too, including Korståg ('Crusade') and the title track ('Nothing New Under the Sun'). Hans Lundin doesn't actually use the 'Tron that much, but there's some gorgeous choir work on both Hoppfullheten and particularly Korståg, plus some rarely-heard M400 brass on Bitterheten and the title track. Incidentally, the CD adds a live version of Skenet Bedrar, an outtake from their debut, and four English-language mixes of Inget Nytt tracks, which repeat the Mellotron parts from the originals, of course.


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Track 6 - Ignet Nytt Under Solen.........

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