Friday, June 30, 2006

Tangerine Dream - "Cyclone" [1978] @ VBR 175 (Electronic Psychedelic Prog)

Filling another request for Pedro here, my apologies for the bitrate, as this was the only rip I was able to track down. Enjoy!!

Cyclone is the band’s most “commercial” effort to date, including songs with vocals that suggest a Teutonic Pink Floyd. The change in direction stemmed in part from the band’s first lineup change since 1972’s Zeit: with Peter Baumann off to pursue a solo career, the band re-enlisted multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Steve Jolliffe and added drummer Klaus Krieger. Jolliffe is clearly influenced by Roger Waters, going so far as to double his own vocals to achieve the same half mad/half sane stance that marked Waters’ style, but the Pink Floyd fascination extends to the whole band, who appropriate the ending of “Dogs” to form the basis of “Bent Cold Sidewalk.” The second vocal track, “Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender,” is twitchy electronic rock similar to Polyrock, although the ambitious lyrics are delivered in more of a defiant whisper than actual singing. While the group’s willingness to tamper with their formula is praiseworthy, most would agree that the album’s return to that formula on the side-long “Madrigal Meridian” is the real highlight here. On this piece, Christopher Franke’s sequencers have an urgency heretofore only hinted at, while Krieger’s drums serve to pull the rug out from the under the rhythm in a delightful way. The result is space music that runs like a well-oiled machine, more fluid and engaging than past experiments with sequencer-based epics. Although it has a reputation as an agitated exception in a very mellow catalog, Cyclone belongs with TD’s better albums from the ‘70s. Despite his considerable contributions, Jolliffe left after only one album with the band, and began a prolific (though less visible) solo career.

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Raw & Real Retail said...
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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these TD albums.
Very strange,it is my first Passport album!Excellent!
There's so many wishes foe the next posts:
-Amon Duul II-Hijack(1974)
Something of Return to Forever,because I don't have anything!
MAny thanks,Pedro

male47 said...

TD-Cyclone always brings up good memories to a Dutch radioprogram, called Supercleandreammachine presented by Ad Visser back in the 70's.

Raw & Real Retail said...

Here is the upgraded VBR 175 link:


Anonymous said...

thank you

i really like the 70s mood in this record

Raw & Real Retail said...

Hey Pedro,
Chick Corea & Return to Forever - "Return to the 7th Galaxy: The Return to Forever Anthology" [1996] @ 256 can be found at another blog I am involved in, The Sky Moves Sideways. Enjoy!!

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