Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days 1975 @ 320 (electronic ambient jazz)

This is another release on the Nemperor label (see Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer in the May archive) and is a far cry from fast and heavy Mahavishnu Orchestra for whom Hammer provided his considerable keyboard skills.

This is a concept album, the subject matter being obvious and is instrumental. I'm pleased to say that Hammer is not being a creationist here, he refers to the concept as being valid whether a day is 24 hours or a hundred million years, I go for the latter!

Almost all the instruments are played by Hammer, with exception of violin from another ex-Mahavishnu, Steve Kindler and congas. It is evokative and beautiful, full of lovely melodies.

Even though the abum had a major label backing, it sank, from memory, without a trace. pity as it deserves recognition. Just listen to the sample, a good guide to the album as a whole.

Hammer went on to write music for crap TV programmes before dropping out of the music industry completely some years ago.

I recommend this album as a forgotten jewel.

Darkness-Earth In Search Of A Sun

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