Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oregon - Roots In The Sky 1979 @320 (modern acoustic jazz)

There was a request for Oregon, following the Larry Coryell post, so here they are.
Oregon have an original sound, totally their own. The band evolved from the Paul Winter Consort and in particular, "Icarus" and the live album, "Road". Soon after leaving Winter, the core members formed Oregon, which still plays today, with a few forced personnel changes.

This album features all original members:

Ralph Towner - guitars, piano
Colin Walcott - percussion
Glen Moore - bass
Paul McCandless - wind

They are more of an ensemble than a group with a soloist, they perform very much as one. Towner, as you can here on the sample and the Coryell album, adds colour and rhythm on 6 and twelve string guitars, solos are sparse and often finish before you realize they have started, Walcott seems to have in infinite range ot rhythms, Moore just has a beautiful tone, whilst McCandless is ever inventive and as he does not play the usual jazz instruments, his sound is totally orignal. The whole sound is more important than individual musicians.

Throughly recommended

June Bug

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micaus said...

The link is:

Anonymous said...

Good disk,but tracks 6 & 9 are corrupted, too many noises ...

Can you do something for this..?

micaus said...

Thanks for the comment, I will look into it

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tracks 6 & 9 (Hungry Heart and Longing So Long) are indeed shot! Would really appreciate it if you could upload fresh rips of these tracks. Thanks, and keep up the wonderful job of feeding discerning music lovers with rare gems!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, Micaus, can you post it again?

Anonymous said...

another link:

Anonymous said...

Many, many THANKS!

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