Monday, June 19, 2006

Ömer F. Tekbilek - Richard A. Hagopian - "Gypsy Fire" [1995] @224 (mid. eastern gypsy)

Hello is a great album from middle-eastern scene. If you're involved in belly dancing -- whether as a performer or just an appreciative audience -- many of these tunes will be familiar to the point of banality: they're the old staples, like "Rompi Rompi," that dancers have been undulating to for the past half-century. But on this album they're transformed and refreshed by an outstanding group of musicians from various Middle Eastern countries (mostly Turkish and Armenian). The musicians' skill, energy, and heartfelt appreciation of the music result in an album that's listenable and danceable all the way through...this was one of a review from amazon..Dance Dance Dance!

Şişeler/Gypsy Fire ..........
Konyalı/Gypsy Fire .........

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Nice and full of energy, Thanks!
Have you seen Crossing The Bridge? They'll never show this in the midwest,
guess I'll have to wait for the DVD release ; (
Cheers and Thanks for the music!

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file expired - can you repost this apparent gem??

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Very nice. The file is dead. Please, can you repost it ?

Thanks for this blog.

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