Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda : “ A La Izquierda del Colibrí” [1986] @256 Electro Ritual Aztec Proggresion

Jorge Reyes and Antonio Zepeda are two Mexican experimental percussionists that have been working with pre Columbian instruments for more than a decade, mixing these ancient sounds with electronic sampling and processing, all kind of synths and rhythm boxes, and even electric guitar.
The use of modern technology doesn’t take any of the ancient mystic mood to their music. Actually they re-create the Aztec rituals in all their splendour and all their darkness. Let’s not forget that this was a culture which worshipped death and believed in a dusty, gloomy, and eternally nocturnal underworld in where feathered snakes, sinister humming birds, and dog-headed people dwelled, hunted and wandered. They were also very keen of human sacrifice. (The favorite way of performing the sacrifice was taking out the heart of their victims while still beating, specially the heart of enemies captured in battle).

So, among smoking mirrors and other peyote induced visions Zepeda and Reyes recreate for us the ritual side of a still very much misunderstood culture. The album has a flavor of jungle, of primitivism, atavism and aboriginal hopes and fears.

It goes from the luminous “Caña” to the terrifying “A La Izquierda del Colbrí” ("To the left of the Hummingbird”)

Ancient ritual gone Modern and Progressive.

Recommended, indeed…

Keep Listening…!!!

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda - Caña ...

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Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

To attend an Aztec Human sacrifice go to


Anonymous said...

Cool Post Jaime,one of the best from Jorge Reyes ! Send you greetings and Regards...Guadalupe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amaizing album!!! Just one thing... an error appears when you access the link to download the archive... could you fix it up???

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