Saturday, June 24, 2006

Trace - "Trace" [1974] @ 320 (upgrade)(Dutch Keyboard-Dominated Prog)

This post is filling a request for Pedro.

Listening to Trace's first album, it's like a war. Notes sprawling and tearing up your inner ear like bullets fired straight out of a smoking machine gun. Lightning Bach style, super tight bass/drum interplay. It's Emerson Lake & Palmer...but without the gigantic ego, the lyrical bullcorn and the awful by-product filler that every album's filled with.

Some bands are just TOO COMPETENT to write a page of history (and therefore, being understood) and Trace is one of the leaders in this sad but mind-boggling category maybe with Echolyn or Par Lindh Project. In fact, the product is purely an exercise, so it's not accessible and therefore, dispensable. In no way these guys thought they would carry on or reform one day on the sake of making a few dollars. This band probably made some money by doing marathon concerts. Hard working, not physically attractive (Rick van der Linden looks like an anorexic Leif Ericksson) and ridiculously perfectionist... dude, this record is tough to swallow and needs time to digest to full appreciation.

This is a major kick in Rachmaninov', piano I guess.

Highly Recommended!

There is still a problem with the site that hosts the mini-players, hopefully we can straighten that out very soon and have the samples back!

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Raw & Real Retail said...
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Raw & Real Retail said...
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Anonymous said...

This is the first and only TRACE output I haven't. I like greatly other band's albums and so I'd be forever grateful if you let the link available for me. Prog-on and keep the fine work!".

Raw & Real Retail said...

The link is just above your comment. Just type the link in your browser and you can get the album. Trace's other album is also posted on this blog in the May archives:


Raw & Real Retail said...

Hello! I have managed to track down yet a better rip of this album. As the size exceeds 100 MB, I am offering 2 different options for downloading the upgraded version. Either a full ZIP file @ fileforge, or a split archive RAR @ rapidshare. Enjoy!!


part 1:

part 2:

Unknown said...

Hi, great blog. Any chance of a re-up of this and the self titled albums?


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