Monday, June 26, 2006

Larry Coryell - Spaces 1970 @ 192 (Jazz fusion)

The best place to start in discussing this album is to list the personnel:

Larry Coryell - guitar
John McLaughlin - guitar
Chick Corea - keyboards
Miroslav Vitous - bass
Billy Cobham - drums

Enough said!

Also, read the article posted on the back cover, a review of the album in Rolling Stone.

There are many similiarities between Coryell and Mclaughlin, they have spent their careers constantly changing and searching for new ways to musically express themselves and they both possess lightening fingers. But this is not just an example of how fast they can play, these are, as you would expect from this collection of creme de la creme musicians, stunning examples of fusion, from the jazz perspective.

Note that McLaughlin, Cobham and Corea all played with Miles Davis and Vitous was the first bassist with Weather Report. His contributions to that band are much overlooked. His "Mountains In The Clouds" is a must have.

I'm not saying anymore, listen and be impressed.

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micaus said...

The link is:

Anonymous said...

Great!I already have it but it's
good to advocate for such good music.By the way I've got a request
:could you post Perigeo's records
please?Thanks again for your good job.

Anonymous said...

Great album!
One of the firts fusion-rock albums!A really gem of fusion!
Can you post the best albums of Jaco Pastorius,the best bass player of ever!
Thanks,Pedro from Portugal

Raw & Real Retail said...

Hi electricknight. Perigeo - "La Valle dei Templi" can be found on the Progrock_70s Invasion blog:


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