Friday, June 02, 2006

Pat Gleeson - Rainbow Delta [1980] @ 320 (electronic jazz)

Dr Pat Gleeson was the brains behind the electronics in the Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi bands, the pioneering electronic / fusion band of the mid 1970's. See Eddie Henderson elsewhere in this blog.

It was his contributions that gave these albums there spacy feel and made them all classics.

This as a solo album of electronic instruments only. It was not until listening to it again that I realized that it really is a fine album in its own right. I can't really say much more about this album, as I know very little myself. A search of the the reveals little as well, just 3 albums released in 30 odd years and an album with fellow Mwandish, Bennie Maupin.

An interesting footnote to the great Hancock fusion band of the mid 1970's

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rich said...

I knew nothing about this one previously. Cheers a bunch for hipping me to this, I've always admired the electronic experiments of this period, just before MIDI completely ruined everything.

Loopy C said...

I have and love this album, nice post ;-)

kchaos said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reupload this album I have been looking for it for years PLEASE.
thank you very much

kchaos said...

I have downloaded Rainbow Delta from a gentle member of PrognotFrog, but unfortunately it is a LP rip not a CD copy, anyway it is better than nothing, although I have this LP, there is a new cd of this album indeed, Does anybody have it? it will be great to listen to a clean new CD.
PS. How can we get in contact with MICAUS?

kchaos said...

Ok I have found the CD at Anthology Recording:

Please share with us if you get it.
all the best

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