Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Barry Goldberg (w Bloomfield) - And Friends @ 192 (Bloomfield blues)

This is a Michael Bloomfield album in all but name. Released on the obscure Record Man label sometime in, I think, the first half of the '70's, in Goldberg's name so as to avoid contractual problems, this is electric Bloomfield in a rough & ready live blues jam.

But its Bloomfield that commands attention. A true gunius and the most powerful guitarist around at the time.

Don't forget that it was Bloomfield who provided the guitar to Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and to the Butterfield Blues Band ( if you don't have "East-West", get it)

As I said this is a jam, so much soloing from Bloomfield and Goldberg and that's fine by me. When the musicians are this good, why not let them go for it? Somewhere in the mix is Harvey Mandel (I'm not convinced that he really is there) and I think a bass player, but really this is the Bloomfield Show warts and all.

Do yourself a favour and get this obscure little gem.

Mess "A Da" Blues

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micaus said...

The link is

Anonymous said...

Prog Not Frog Rocks!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fascinating work from Bloomfield.
for those guitar lovers, this man deserve to be remembered..

Anonymous said...


this is bloomfield at his best
creative juices flowing
unlike his later days before he died when he was scoring porno movies for a living.....
but this is some of his best work

Anonymous said...

Great site!! This is amazing and is greatly missed. Any chance of some Elecric Flag?bluesBob

Anonymous said...

This link is dead - any chance you could repost it?

I just discovered your blog, and it's really great. Thanks for all the wonderful music!

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