Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Larry Coryell - The Restful Mind 1974 @ 320 (Jazz guitar)

Having posted Coryell's "Spaces" recently, it seemed wise to add this excellent example of Coryell's craft. On this occasion, he is joined by most of the acoustic group, Oregon. Ralph Towner on guitar, Glen Moore on bass and Colin Walcott on tablas and congas.

Towner maybe be familiar as the 12-string guitarist on Weather Report's "I Sing The Body Electric" and, in additional to Oregon, has many releases on ECM.

This is an intense album, full of invention and powerful soloing from Coryell. Just listen to the sample below, you'll get the idea.
In contrast is Ravel's "Pavane For A Dead Princess", played for solo acoustic guitar, forshadows the series of albums containing classical interptetations that he would put out much later. Wonderful.

For me, the success of this album rests with the choice of the Oregon members for a backing band. They are never less than magnificant and they appear to inspire Coryell to new heights. One of the best albums in his large body of work.

Improvisation On Robert De Visee's Menuet II

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micaus said...

The link is:


Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton. Speeking of Oregon, I've always heard great things about them but never actually listened to any...do you by chance have some?

ProgDemon said...

This is a phenomenal album, but beware- it is an LP rip and it's very scratchy, which diminishes somewhat from the quieter moments. Is this available on CD, because it really is a jamming album- eclectic, diverse and expertly performed.

Anonymous said...

Any chance this fantastci lp can be reposted?
The file appears to have benn deleted ?

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