Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stanley Clarke - Children Of Forever 1973 @320 (modern jazz)

Many think that the mighty "Stanley Clarke" on Nemperor records was the great bassists first album, not so, this is in fact the first and what a different beast it is!

It comes from a time when Clarke was a member of the first Return To Forever, the band that fearured Joe Farrell, Aitro, Flora Purim, not to mention Chick Corea. Note that he is referred to as "Stan" on the cover.

Thus the music does have similiarities with that fantastic band, after all Chick Corea plays on this album as well. However the most startling difference is the use of vocalists Dee Dee Bridgewater and the wonderful Andy Bey. I'm not sure it all works as well as Clarke had hoped. It is good, nonetheless. the standout track is the last one, a 16 minute opus, "Sea Journey", featuring drummer Lenny white and guitarist Pat Martino.

I must say that this is vastly better than some of his later fusion work, the stuff that gave fusion a bad name!

In commenting on this album, it would be an oversight not to mention that Clarke is one of the few musicians who can honestly say that they have transformed the role of the electric bass.


Bass Folk Song

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